• Tricky the Clown
    Tricky the Clown
  • 123 Bouncy Castles Ltd
    123 Bouncy Castles Ltd
  • Bingo and Friends
    Bingo and Friends
  • Trixie the Fairy
    Trixie the Fairy
  • BJ The Clown
    BJ The Clown
  • Carrot & Pickle Clowns
    Carrot & Pickle Clowns
  • Castlemania Bouncy Castles
    Castlemania Bouncy Castles
  • Bubbling with Energy
    Bubbling with Energy
  • Zappo the Magician
    Zappo the Magician
  • CJ the Clown
    CJ the Clown
  • Walnut the Clown
    Walnut the Clown
  • Creative Mischief
    Creative Mischief
  • Lollipop The Clown
    Lollipop The Clown
  • Puppets on Strings
    Puppets on Strings
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Clowns of New Zealand is your resource for finding clowns for hire, clowns for parties, children's party ideas, magicians for hire and parties. We can help you find a special fairy for hire or parties as well as magicians, jugglers and comedians. Visit the Clown Shop for clown costumes, juggling props, magic and more.
Clowns of New Zealand will help you attract more customers. Ads can be placed from as little as $1.00 a year (we wanted to provide free listings, but that leaves us open to spam).
Visit The Clown Shop. We can help you find all sorts of clown costumes, props,fairy dressups, magicians capes, juggling balls and more in our Clown Shop.

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